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The Beginning

How a Swan Got Her Wings!


“Necessity is the mother of invention,” …Plato  


This was never more the case than when Heather Swan began her start as a house cleaner.  Due to circumstances out of her control, she found herself raising her two girls alone.   Heather had to figure out a way to provide for herself and daughters.  In 2013, Heather began cleaning residential homes. No job was too big or  small in the early days, whether it was cleaning a house, a garage, or even organizing a closet.  Word traveled fast and it wasn’t long before Heather had a list of clients.  Although work was steady she searched for a more consistent client-base. How could she get more cleaning jobs and still make the best use of her time without interfering with the children's school schedule?  Apartment Communities!  
In 2014, with the guidance and help of a few professionals in the industry, Heather was able to break into the business of “apartment turns” for a few properties. She continued along this track for the next few years and through trial and error, she grew a cleaning business from the back of her car and garage, to a rented garage and closet at an apartment complex.   She was able to rent a small office from her insurance agent which was great for interviews!   In 2019 Sweeping Swans opened its first official location with offices, a conference room and a warehouse.  Sweeping Swans now services properties and offices throughout the Greater Charleston Area.  Hard work, family, and faith that God would provide, helped Heather turn her need to provide into a thriving business.  The story is far from over as Sweeping Swans is a young company with large and innovative ideas making the needs of their clients their driving force. Stay tuned, the Best is Yet to Come….. 

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