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Premium Upgrades

In addition to the incredibly deep cleansing treatments you receive with every signature service, we offer premium service upgrades you can schedule regularly

(every cleaning, every third cleaning, twice a year).  Any of these additional services can be added to your regular visits.  Simply contact us in advance so we can add the extra time to your appointment.If there is anything you would like help with that is not included in our list of services, please contact us to discuss.  We are happy to consider any special requests, or make recommendations for service providers who can help you if we are not able to.  Please consider us your personal cleaning concierge, and contact us for any cleaning needs and desires you may have at any time.


Refrigerator Cleaning
Interior / Exterior

Come home to an organized, sanitized, and deodorized fridge on every cleaning visit!  We will clean up any spills and stuck-on foods, use our deodorizing treatment to remove odors, and disinfect the interior and handles to stop the spread of foodborne and contact illnesses. Any expired food will be disposed of and products will be organized neatly. If able to we will pull fridge out clean top and sides as well as behind. 

$50 - $75 


Stove / Oven

We’ll scrub and polish every inch of your oven, inside and out. Our professionals will remove the racks and scrub them clean, scrub and wipe the rest of the interior, including the inside of the door, wash and polish the oven window, polish the exterior and ensure it is streak-free. 

$25 - $50


Dazzling Dishes

Sink full of dirty dishes? No time to clean up after breakfast before we visit? That's never a problem with Sweeping Swans!  Leave us your dirty dishes for us to load and run in your dishwasher, and we can even hand wash pots, pans and non-dishwasher safe items. Our goal is to make everything sparkle and take care of all your cleaning needs, so leave it to us!

$10 per load

folded towels.jpeg

Laundry Love

Leave us your dirty clothes and bedding and come home to delicately laundered, neatly folded and freshly scented loads. If you prefer your clothes to air dry, we can hang on a drying rack and hangers in a designated space. Dress shirts, suits and other specialty garments are not included in this service but can also be arranged.

$10-$15 per load

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet & Drawer

If your kitchen or bathroom drawers and cupboards are in need of an organizing and cleaning, add on cabinet interior cleaning and organizing to any service. We will remove the items, vacuum, spray and wipe out the interiors, then replace the items neatly. 

$10 - $20 Per Cabinet / Drawer or 

Bundle all kitchen cabinets & drawers for one price

( to be determined by the number cabinets / drawers)

Well Organized Closet

Closet Cleanse

Are you overwhelmed with your closets? Nervous to open your entryway closets in front of guests? We can organize and tidy your closets, dusting, vacuuming and mopping (if hard floor) for a gorgeously cleaned space you'll love to select your outfits in or hang up your visitors' coats in.

Several options/upgrades available.

(Example:  - changing out all hangers for a more polished look )  

Pricing will depend on the size and depth of organizing desired. 

$50 & Up

Want a service not listed? Please Ask!

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