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Modern Bathroom

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Rates

1601 - 2200 square feet  $165 - $185

2201 - 2800 square feet  $195 -$200

2801 +  square feet  $200 +


Most cases will require an Initial Clean  

This makes it easier to maintain your home

Please note note these are not FIRM pricing but approximate. 

Price is determined by the following:
Size of area to be cleaned
Length of time living in home
Occupants living in home - adults, children
Pets - how many, what kind, shedding non-shedding

Wooden Desk

Initial Cleaning

Your first cleaning is a top-to-bottom purification process that prepares your home for weekly or bi-weekly professional cleaning services or to help you maintain your house yourself. Because our first visit is intensive, the initial appointment will take approximately twice the time of follow up services. Your heart will be warmed and your mind will be soothed when you are presented with a sparkling clean interior space. Breathe in the lingering fresh and clean fragrances as you tour your freshly cleaned home, admiring the shining surfaces and perfectly presented rooms reminiscent of a five-star spa or hotel - only it's your very own personal space to enjoy!

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Weekly / Bi-weekly

Follow up appointments are flat-rate priced based on the size of your home and customized services requested and include all of the cleansing tasks from your first cleaning service. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly appointments, and you can save by purchasing packages in advance (3, 6 and 12 months). Or you can choose to pay as you go. We will confirm recurring service prices once we have completed your first cleaning and discuss and design your personal cleaning plan with you and determined what exactly you want to achieve with each service appointment.

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